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PALATINAMEDEA.COM is a portfolio and online playground for the work of artist and writer Lily B/Sidelys, hosted on Neocities. My city now.

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Site News and Updates

When I started working on this site, I really managed to convince my self that I would A. write blog posts regularly and B. write about more than just my current fictional interests. Anyway, here's an article about Blaseball and 20020. I also uploaded a log of all the Homestuck analysis threads I've ever made on Twitter a while ago.

After about two months, everything I'd planned to start this site off with is finished. I still want to make an art gallery and add some more stuff to the extras page, but I think that can wait for now.
Some highlights of what I have here so far are my undergraduate thesis on Homestuck and the Iliad, my translaitons of ancient Greek poetry, and an initial blog post about art and social media. Have a look around and tell me what you think!

OH ok apparently buttons aren't intended for hyperlinks. Please excuse the mess.

To say the least, this site is finally under construction! As the un-hyperlinked buttons might indicate to anyone who has, somehow, wandered in here without any guidance, I'm aiming to make it into a digital portfolio of sorts; because I'm sick to death of having my online presence grounded only in the transient structures of corporate social media.
I'm well aware that I have completely failed to optimise this site for mobile. I sort of know what I've done wrong and I have absolutely no clue how to fix it because I started teaching myself html/css about three days ago. I'll work on that.