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About Me

My name is Lily and I like making things. I write, draw, and paint in a variety of manners and genres, because I can’t stick at one thing for longer than a week. The only answer to my omnivorous desire to hoard as many half-baked skills as I can is clearly to make things which combine their uses. Fiction, non-fiction, verse (translation), digital painting, ink drawing, cosplay, collage: if I can’t stick to one I might as well start trying to throw them all in the same pot and see what happens.

My academic background (so far) is an undergraduate degree in Classics, during which I mainly studied ancient Greek and Roman art history and literature, with a smattering of linguistics and philosophy. I’m also interested in anime, games, art history, fan culture, and the internet. Here as well, I like blending topics and approaches – especially the line between scholarship, ‘literature’, and modern fan production. If you want a rather roundabout introduction to this site and my motivation in building it, see here.

More generally, I’m from the UK, I’m 21, and I collect animal bones.

You can contact me at