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Somewhere between a directory and a portfolio, for now. Does not include blog writing or individual artworks, which can be found on their respective pages. Search the page manually by keyword, if you need to.

Epic Gaming: Fate and Narrative in Homer and Homestuck 11.05.2020

My undergraduate thesis, which is about why the metatextual narrative structure of the Iliad is analogous to that of the webcomic Homestuck.

Keywords: Homestuck, Classics, Non-Fiction, Prose.

Stygian Blue 01.05.2020

Homestuck fanfiction - Terezi searches for Vriska. Features gifs and 'experimental' illustrations. A Serkratic dialoquy.

Keywords: Homestuck, Fanfiction, Fiction, Prose, Art, Multimedia.

Translations April 2020

An archive of my translations of Ancient Greek and Latin poetry. Includes Sappho, and Latin lesbian graffiti.

Keywords: Verse, Translation, Classics.

Dreamscapers 28.03.2020

Homestuck fanfiction - Kanaya and Jade have a conversation about dreaming. Collage illustrations.

Keywords: Homestuck, Fanfiction, Fiction, Prose, Art, Multimedia.

Twelvefold Wall 02.12.2019

Touhou Project fanfiction, under 1500 words with my first experiment in collage illustrations. Yukari Yakumo monologues about escapism.

Keywords: Touhou, Fanfiction, Fiction, Prose, Art, Multimedia.